NRL Double Up Tipping Competition

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Weekly tipping with a twist

Now back for our 13th season of fun! 

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$46 to play - that's less than $2 per week for a tipping comp where everyone is still in contention right till the closing weeks! $35 of fees go to the prizemoney pool, the balance pays for the website hosting and software upkeep.

Most tipping comps are pretty straight forward, tip each week, gain points for correct selections, hope you get it mostly right through the first month or so and then be in contention for the rest of the season. But for 90% of the players who drop out of contention the weekly interest diminishes, players drop off or drop out and another season turns to nothing. 

Not with the Double Up format!! Interest remains to the final few weeks, every player is in contention right through to the final rounds and most years the winner is not decided until the very last Friday night. And, that final winner can come from anywhere on the table with just weeks remaining. 

Yes, the basics remain the same.

You must tip each weekly and you need to tip winners to accumulate points.

Pick the round correctly and gain a bonus 100 points.

Now the twist! At least 5 times during the season you must make a double up selection on a Friday night game. At risk is doubling up all of your current points by selecting a winner, or losing everything and returning to zero by selecting a loser.

And yes, that’s right, not just once but you must do this at least 5 times during the season, or as many times as you like (or need to to climb the leader board). The double up twist adds some strategy, risk and challenge – when do you decide to play this option, how often do you decide to play it, and so on, and as the season unfolds the real game begins – tipping winners, playing your double up options correctly and climbing the leader board. We’ve seen weeks where 80% of all players double up on an upset loser and all return to zero in one hit; other weeks where a recent double up loser is back amongst the top 10 on the leader board after picking the round and then doubling up correctly a few times; and competitions not decided until the last few minutes of the Friday night games of the very last round, the changes and intrigue continue round after round right to end. 

So if you’re looking for a fun way to follow the league season, your own tipping fortunes, and a format that will keep you more than interested for the complete term then the Double Up tipping comp is just for you. 

Position User Points
1. ReadingThePlay 114
2. Norfolk and Idea 114
3. lreen1 114
4. jenmal 112
5. BroncoBen 14
6. tomtom 14
7. Alfie 14
8. The Bennetts 14
9. triple7 13
10. Pigskin 13